Firebrand—definitely not your average fish house!

We put the standard fish house through the refiner’s fire. Over years of on-the-ice experience, we teased out those things that didn’t work and cast them aside. We made improvements and adjustments, and returned to the ice to re-test things. It was an arduous process riddled with hits and misses but, bit by bit, we refined both the materials and the methods employed in fish house building until what we were left with was industry gold.

Where there is snow and ice, there is eventually water and salt. Firebrand’s aluminum frame won’t rot or rust. It’s lightweight enough to make travel easy and durable enough to make it possible.  Available in a multitude of floor plans, colors, and sizes, we have a fish house sure to satisfy the needs of the serious outdoorsman. Fully customizable, available as a shell or finished unit, Firebrand is built to fit your needs.

Your significant other isn’t in to ice fishing? No problem! Firebrand fish houses double as campers, hunting shacks, off-season storage sheds, or as a spare bedroom for when the mother-in-law comes to stay!

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Ice fishing

Our ice fishing houses shells are aluminum frames, lightweight and durable, perfect to enjoy the outdoors. You can buy a finished one or customize one and make it your own.

Perfect for camping

Our finished models are equipped with cedar interiors, kitchen facilities, and dinettes that could be converted to beds with storage. You could add options like bathroom, sofa, etc.

Hunting Paradise

If you love the outdoors and enjoy hunting, you could use our skid house as a deer stand. They are are available in 5’x8′ and 6’x10′ with 1 window and 1 standard entry door.